Want to pay less income tax and save your small business valuable time and money? Then you need an experienced tax accountant to complete your tax return. Because we offer big-business expertise for your small business, Kiwi Chartered Accountant will ensure you pay no more income tax than you need to.

Tax-Minimising IR4 Tax Return Service

Whether you need to submit shareholder or director individual IR3 tax returns, partnership IR7 tax return, trust IR6 tax return or company IR4 tax return, we can do it all for you.

We’re income tax and GST minimisation experts, which means we delve deep into your business accounts to discover every possible way to save you money on your tax bill. We might ask more questions than other tax accountants, but you’ll thank us for it when you see how much we can save you on your income tax and GST bill.

The right structure to reduce your tax bill

While some tax accountants will declare the bare minimum to keep you compliant with the IRD, we offer a much more thorough service. Making sure you pay not a cent more tax than you need to means structuring your affairs - both business and personal - in the most efficient way. It also means preparing full financial statements and maintaining the correct paperwork - especially when it comes to distributing profits with tax imputation credits. We’re skilled at ensuring you have the right structure in place, and the right records kept, to reduce your income tax to the absolute minimum.

Here’s how our tax return service works…

1) Get in touch
We can help you with your income tax return wherever you are in New Zealand.
2) Complete a detailed questionnaire
We’ll ask you for all the relevant information we need to reduce your tax bill. You may find we ask more questions than other tax accountants, but that’s just so we can ensure you save as much money as possible.
3) Tax returns & paperwork completed
With the benefit of years of experience, we can complete your tax return, financial statements and all the necessary paperwork in double-quick time - saving you money. Plus we’ll make sure every allowable expense is claimed, to ensure your tax bill is as low as possible.
4) You check - we file - and it’s done!
You’ll check your tax return to make sure it’s accurate, and then we’ll file your tax return with the IRD. All done - now you can relax.

Expert Tax Accounting by a Chartered Accountant

Using a Chartered Accountant for your income tax returns means you’re hiring a skilled professional with proven tax accounting abilities. With the benefit of years of experience in tax accounting, you can be sure we’ll help you structure your finances in the most efficient way, to minimise the tax you pay. Plus you’ll have the assurance of using a tax accountant bound by the CAANZ code of ethics.

Our income tax return service is fast, accurate, and can help you pay less tax. So what are you waiting for? Contact an experienced Chartered Accountant at Kiwi Tax Accountants today.


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