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I got a really good tax return, and that was the ultimate goal

I used to use a small tax accountant for general accounting, but because my tax is now a bit more complex with investment properties, a business and all that sort of stuff, it was a bit outside of their league, so I had to find a ‘proper’ accountant. I did a Google search for local accountants, and that’s how I found Kiwi Chartered Accountant.

Once we engaged, Ramesh seemed to be professional and he knew what he was doing, and he communicated well, so I proceeded.

As a result, I got a really good tax return, and that was the ultimate goal. That’s because Ramesh was thorough - he went through stuff that the previous tax company wouldn’t have had the ability to go through, and his advice on the business side was up to date. So I gained knowledge, and I gained a good return because he was willing to look at all the options.

I like working with Kiwi Chartered Accountant because you’re dealing with the owner, rather than dealing with a multitude of employees in a large organisation, so you can have that relationship, and also you’re discussing all matters with the one person.

I’m pretty happy with what Ramesh did - and he always came back in a prompt time.

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Always on time

I found out about Kiwi Chartered Accountant through a friend when we were just setting up the business, and decided to use them on my friend’s recommendation.

Ramesh helped us to start right from the bottom with our accounts, because we didn’t know anything about how to run the accounting side of our business. He explained everything to us and helped us save time.

We really like that he’s always calling us to give us a heads up when things are due, and he’s always on time with our taxes and everything. I’d definitely recommend Kiwi Chartered Accountant.

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Ramesh knew what I wanted and put it all together

I discovered Kiwi Chartered Accountant when I saw their ad in the local newspaper. I wasn’t very happy with my accountant at the time, so I decided to give Ramesh a call.

I was confident from the start, and I got on very well with Ramesh from the first meeting. He knew what I wanted and he put it all together. Working with Kiwi Chartered Accountant, I feel like I’ve really gained an insight into taxation and the IRD.

Our business is only in its infancy at the moment, but we’ve already worked through a whole lot of things. I’m always asking Ramesh for advice, and he’s very good with that. All I can say is he’s very good - and I’d recommend him.

Terry Newson Credit Solutions for you Limited

I met Ramesh through BNI and I love the professional, yet personal service that I receive from him. I appreciate the fact that I always get to deal with the ‘main man’ in the business. He takes the time to communicate with me directly and never passes me onto someone else. When it comes to tax, GST or accounting, Ramesh goes above and beyond to answer any questions that I might have. If anything comes up in those areas, I know I can go to Ramesh and he will fill me in, or fix any issues. Ramesh is fantastic at getting the job done and is very proactive. He is very good at what he does.

Rating given: Very Good

Andy Cant Licensed Sales Person, Harveys

Our previous accountant had left us in a shambolic state, but Ramesh came in, got everything squared away and running smoothly. His help was invaluable in getting us back on track.

Ramesh is very approachable and easy to get in touch with if we have any queries. He explains what he is doing and why he is doing it, so you genuinely know where you are at. He also works really hard to minimise our tax exposure as much as possible.

I always recommend Ramesh to anyone that is looking for an accountant. He has such an approachable quality and always wants to do the very best for his clients. He makes accounting an easy process for us, he is like a godsend compared to our previous accountant.

Rating given: Excellent

Aubrey AEL Aubs Engineering Ltd

Ramesh provides excellent service with a great personal touch. I really appreciate that he always searches for ways to save on tax where possible. I can safely say that I have no extra requirements from Ramesh; he really knows his stuff and handles all my financial aspects professionally. Ramesh is a really nice guy, he is very genuine and always there when you need him to be.

Rating given: Excellent

Vijaya VKS Solutions

I would rate Ramesh’s service as excellent. He is very prompt with all that he does and always answers any questions that I have. He currently helps me with my Income Tax, GST and general Accounting and it is such a relief to know that all of the financial areas of my business are being handled well. His personal approach really suits my business.

Rating given: Excellent

Alefosio Sefo A & B Contractors

When we first got in touch with Ramesh, our company services were an absolute mess. He helped us tidy everything up and get our processes running smoothly. We are very happy with the service that Ramesh has given us - our business would not be where it is now if it wasn’t for him. Ramesh covers all of our requirements, we couldn’t ask for anything more from him.

His service is prompt, fast and efficient. Dealing with him is just so easy – all we have to do is pay our bill, and he takes care of everything. The work just gets done, it’s fantastic.

Rating given: Excellent

Namrate Banerjee NZIBM Limited

To cut a long story short, a business that we set up did not go well and we had to wind it up. We had no idea where to start with this process. From the minute Ramesh became involved, we knew we could relax. He handled all of the legalities, dealt with the IRD and saved us so much time on what could have been a really drawn out process. We didn’t have to wait for countless hours on hold to the IRD anymore.

The service we receive from Ramesh is really excellent. We are very impressed with his communication. He would always be available, or would call back promptly if he was ever unable to take our calls.

I would highly recommend Kiwi Chartered Accountants. Ramesh is very good with time and quality. He is very knowledgeable and great at getting things done.

Rating given: Excellent

Vinu Deodas Beninca Gate Automation NZ Ltd

Ramesh from Kiwi Chartered Accountant is so easy to deal with and he really knows what he is doing. He makes the process very easy and is always available to discuss anything to do with our business.

His ability and professionalism give me confidence in his ability to handle all of our finances. His bookkeeping and accounting skills are second to none and I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Rating given: Good